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Image of V.A. CONCEPT 1210

June Records presents Concept 1210, a collaborative project between We Are Monsters, Ratlife Records, Nation and June Records. Represented respectively by All The Wild Eyes (Solar), Credit 00, Naughty Wood, Traxx, The Pedestrian, Villan X, Trenton Chase and June.

We Are Monsters is a dance event collective, based in San Francisco, that aims to create an intimate nightclub atmosphere not constricted by genres and biases.

Rat Life Records is reflecting the imperfect spirit of life in dance music and its natural environment. Aspiring to send people back to smoke filled dance-floors where
discussions about genres and formats are no longer relevant.

Nation's sound emerges from the electronic backgrounds of dance culture,
creating a new era of artistic concepts with a state of mind and a different level
of musical consciousness influenced by the early inception of electronic sound abstracts,dance and underground music as an exclusive label that reaches beyond standard floor-oriented music, with the intention to produce a slew of no-holds-barred, full-on electronic/synth rhythm tracks that resist trends.

June Records pursues the delivery of electronic music that's crafted and recorded
live with the purpose of capturing the uncontrolled vigour of the moment.
Furthermore, their purpose is to excavate and readdress the forgotten
interconnectivity techniques of the early analog interface of electronic instruments.

Concept 1210 is a contemporary take on DIY electronics, made with the original rhythm machines, synthesizers and sequencers that became available between the period of late 1970s to mid 1980s.

“My Sin” by The Pedestrian with Credit 00 is a recording from a live performance in 2010 at Hellerau festival in Dresden. June's "The Legion" is a studio recording made with a Korg KPR-77 and a modular system that transits to electronic chaos.

“Character” is the result of the uninhibited collaboration between aficionados
Villan X and Naughty Wood offering a new demented take on DIY electronics.

“Protection” is the outcome of the first collaboration between June and Traxx
resulting to riot electronics.

“All The Wild Eyes” offers Doggo with vocals by Credit 00, a psychedelic -
10 minute long - Boss DR-55 driven piece.

Trenton Chase's “Prowler” is a home recording that transfers angst through
a hypnotic maelstrom of noise and grainy atmosphere.